Eligibility Requirements

  • The applicant should be a founder, and/or owner
  • At least one member from the applicant team needs to be able to communicate in English.
  • The venture needs to have access to a level of existing investment, funding, or support in order to meet the Entry fee requirement
  • Looking towards the future, the applicant should have existing or future plans to meet corporate social responsibility (CSR) or sustainability targets


Up to a grand total of $62,200 USD NON-DILUTIVE package, awarded in a tiered format to all successful applicants who successfully pass all five stages of the competition. After each stage, an amount of the award will be unlocked. Embark supports all applicants in receiving the full-amount award: there is no upper limit to the number of successful maximum-value awards we issue per year.

*EnVision Media & Marketing package up to $10,000
*Empire 72 Lifetime* web hosting + Lumen Realm web design service up to $10,000
*HEALCITY Grant, Financing, and Strategic Partnership consulting up to $15,000
*EMBARK Event planning service up to 5 events and a total amount of $4800
*HEALCITY Commercial Interiors design service up to $2,400
*Empire 72 gift cards up to $20,000

Entry fee

Teams or individuals must show existing capacity through fundraising or possessing access to $1,000 for the Entry fee. Unlike a typical Entry fee, EMBARK's Entry fee serves two purposes:

1. To provide applicants with five hours of individualized business consulting in order to maximize their chances of winning the $62,200 value Award.

2. To encourage early corporate social responsibility - 100% of the Entry fee will go directly towards Equilibria, a special philanthropic initiative against slavery. Each applicant-company will be recognized as a contributor to the endowment-like fund.

Apply to ESA

STEP 1. Download and complete the application form here. If you require a PDF, please email us at the address below.
STEP 2. Email your completed application form to: project [at] healcity.org
STEP 3. Successful applications will receive an invitation to schedule five hours of initial business consultation.
STEP 4. After scheduling of the consultations, the Entry fee will be arranged to minimize all banking fees to the applicants.
STEP 5. Applicants are invited to Stage I of competitions with the Stage I rewards.

History of EMBARK & Empire 72

Empire 72 was created as a start-up social enterprise by HEALCITY. Today, Empire 72 generates income at a scale to be considered a parent company along with HEALCITY, co-funding daughter ventures like the ARX COLLECTIVE. As well, Empire 72 funds three key CSR initiatives:

[Equilibrium], a global charitable grant
[Empire 72 Philanthropic Gifting], an artistic-donation program to support global registered charities
[Equilibria], a special slavery-intervention initiative. EMBARK is created to launch the next Empire 72 in action - for profit, for the global community.