Program Structure

HEALCITY's Certificate in Sustainable Management is a 4 week, part-time on-line program. *This tuition-free Certificate program is currently only open to individuals with at least a university degree, or, highly-motivated students and graduates at the postsecondary level. Applicants who are not selected for the Certificate can re-apply for future cycles. HEALCITY Edu does not charge an application fee. International applicants must provide proof of English proficiency.

Resume Building

The Certificate in Sustainable Management directly builds the student's resume with the following experience**:

* Optimize impact and accountable administration of a global social investment program
* Assist in the launch of international talent-recognition initiative
* Expand global philanthropic donations ventures through human resources development
* Co-create educational platform to support career training in sustainable management

Sustainable Management Modules

This is a rigorous certificate requiring hands-on work in a wide array of Sustainable Management modules:

Social Enterprise        Corporate Accountability
HR Development        Lean Project Management
Fundraising        Co-Leadership
Social Media Marketing        Training & Mentorship
Program Evaluation

Application Status: Open

The application is selective. Please submit cover letter (directly in email body) with full resume to: apex.metrovan [at]
All successful applicants are eligible to receive a $1,000 scholarship to cover the costs of the Certificate; institutions which are able to cover the cost for their employees or students can choose instead to transfer the $1,000 amount as a donation to our non-profit partner, Equilibria.
All successful applicants will be required to pay a $90 dollar deposit prior to the start of the program. 100% of this deposit is refunded to every applicant who successfully completes the Certificate. Wire transfers, email Interac (EMT) transfer are accepted. Applicants wishing to pay with a credit card should specifically indicate so in their application.

Applicants who complete all required tasks on time will also receive an official Certificate; reference letters; as well as advanced consideration for future employment opportunities in the Healcity conglomeration of companies.

History of HEALCITY Projects

Our global work encompasses design consultations, research, policy analysis, seminars, fieldwork, and partnership building.

Key Activities at HEALCITY

University Lectures

  • "Urban Environmental Design and Poverty Reduction"
  • "Geographies of Health & Health Care"
  • "Urban Geography: Global Challenges"

International Conferences

  • International Conference on Urban Health
  • International Making Cities Liveable Conference
  • World EcoCity Summit

Government Projects

  • Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Health Council of Canada
  • Vancouver Coastal Health & Fraser Health Authorities

Awarded Designs

  • "The Lullioshe Hypothesis"
  • "Multi-Unit Skyscrapers for Health System Cost Control"
  • "Vision 2020"

International Projects

  • "UNEP: Connecting Grassroots Sustainability to Global Policy"
  • "WHO Age-Friendly City Study"
  • "SHEA Model: Urban Density Report to the World Bank"

Awarded Research

  • "Social Equity & Disability Support"
  • "Smart Energy Communities & Health City Convergence"
  • "Travel Barriers: Key Leverage for Social Sustainability"