World Health Organization Research

The WHO's initiative on cities for better health and cities for an ageing population have been in operation for decades - our goal is to apply the research to real world development projects.

It is our belief that many of the key principles: mixed-use, vertical-density, and transit-oriented development align readily with our other expertise: sustainable cities and EcoCities.

Drawing upon research and evidence-based decision making, we help ensure actual health, liveability, and sustainability outcomes for development projects.


How we can collaborate.

We specialize in design and planning of multi-unit buildings for health, environment, and social equity outcomes. Our work in supporting the development of senior homes and senior communities stems from our dedication to Age-Friendly Cities research.

Education, seminars, facilitated workshops fall under our secondary services, as we strive towards enhancing communications, engagement,  and building community.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Our mission is to create tangible benefits on the ground for the disadvantaged in our midst. While improving health, environment, and equity is central to HEALCITY, we are further dedicated to providing direct support to existing non-profits as well as to youth.

HEALCITY EDU is an on-line, open-access (tuition-free) education initiative that provides hands-on sustainability and management experience to students around the world.

Together with Empire 72, HEALCITY co-funds EMBARK, a start-up initiative which provides funding and mentorship  for youth to launch their own non-profit or social enterprises. 

To access a list  of our current funding, awards, and internship opportunities, please contact our sister site at converge [at]


Get in touch

For all existing projects, please contact us through our respective research satellite offices.
For new projects and inquiries, we invite you to connect with us through the following email address: project [at]